Sewing a Toddler Medieval Style Princess Dress

For my daughter's St. Cecilia dress I decided to go with a vaguely Medieval princess style dress that she can add to her dress up collection. I started with the Me Hearties Dress from Patterns for Pirates as the base. It has a full circle skirt which I thought would be too full, so I … Continue reading Sewing a Toddler Medieval Style Princess Dress

Gathered Elastic Hems

This gathered elastic hem technique will work for sleeves and pants. Here I added elastic to the sleeves of my Sasha tunic. Gather your supplies. -elastic: 1/2", 3/8", OR 1/4" -ruler, sewing gauge, measuring gauge, or other way to measure your hem -scissors -pins -completed but unhemmed shirt, bodice, pants, etc. Your elastic needs to … Continue reading Gathered Elastic Hems