2019 Sewing Plans

We’re finally settling in to our new house and my sewing room is up and running! I’m excited to challenge myself to do more sewing and create more me-made garments for my closet.

That’s why I created this Make Nine goal for the year to build up my warbrode.
Row 1: The Coco Jacket from Schnittchen Patterns. I started a toile this fall but didn’t have time to fit it properly during the chaos of moving and painting and getting settled. Hopefully I’ll finish it at some point this year!
The Chelsea Cardigan* from Designer Stitch. I wish I had the time to test this, but it the testing window was riiiiight before our move and my sewing room was packed up. I’m sad to have missed it but I love the collar and can’t wait to make one!
The Joan Dress from Sew Over It. I love the classic 60s look to this dress and would like to find an opportunity to make it.
Row 2: The High Neck Shirt from Sewera Patterns. This looks cute and woud be a great staple piece. These patterns were all originally in German but she’s in the process of re-releasing all of them in English. 
The Sofia Shawl Neck Sweater from Sinclair Patterns. I tested this pattern a year and a half ago and love it so much!
The Sorbetto Top from Colette Patterns. This is a pattern that I love the look of but for some reason have never gotten past the toile stage. I need to finally make a wearable version!
Row 3:  The ChiTown Chinos from Alina Design Co. I’ve only made one pair of shorts and have another cut out that I WILL get around to finishing. Soon. One of these days.
The Harriet Bra from Cloth Habit. It’s not enough for my outer layers to be me-made. I want to get around to making everything.
The Sasha Trousers from Closet Case Patterns. I have this pattern and toile fabric ready to go. I just need the time to try it.

I’m also attempting the 52 Week Sewing Challenge to inspire me and keep me sewing.
So far I’m 3/3 so wish me luck!
Week 1: Organize your sewing space: Extra easy since I was already moving into and setting up my sewing room after the Christmas hubbub died down. The challenge did make sure I finished though!
Week 2: Sew an unfinished object: I’ve had this Macy Cowl Neck Top cut out for over a year. I’m not super happy with how it turned out and I’ll need to do a narrow back adjustment in the future.
Week 3: Sew a pattern you own but have never tried: We went to the Symphony last weekened to celebrate my birthday so I rejected that challenge and sewed a tried and true Kristen Dress* instead. I’ve already done the adjustments I need to make it really fit well and didn’t want the challenge of trying something new, despite that being the challenge/goal for the week. 

The Sew Alongs & Sewing Contests group has the Sew Seasonal Wardrobe: Inside Out Mini Capsule Quartet Wardrobe Challenge running through the end of Febrary that lines up perfectly with wanting more of a me-made wardrobe. For now my plans are 1: Inside Layer: Harriet Bra, 2: Middle Layer: TBD top, 3: Outer Layer: Chelsea Cardigan, and 4: Wild Card: Sasha Trousers. 

Last, but definitely not least, The Monthly Stitch‘s January Challenge is to sew something Seasonally Inappropriate.

It was actally somewhat weather appropriate for the day I wore my Macy Cowl Neck Top because it was randomly almost 70* in early January, but I still think that a sleeveless top is considered unseasonable for January. My floral birthday dress was also bright and springy for a day that was cold and miserable and rainy. It was snow/sleeting on us when we walked as fast as I could in 4″ heels back to our car. {which was is to say, not very fast at all} 

And **shhhhh!** This week I’m working on an exciting top secret project. I can’t say anything right now but I’ll let you know more later this spring. 

What are your 2019 plans? 

Happy Sewing!! 

*this post contains affilate links marked with an asterisk

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