I Made It Mine!

I haven’t been blogging, or even really sewing, much lately. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with the winter doldrums. The first signs of spring are finally here and Sweet Pea is back to being able to spend afternoons playing in the backyard with our dog, whose name recently had ‘Lady’ added in front of it. I have no clue where Sweet Pea came up with that one.

Last month was my birthday and my gift to myself was the Make It Yours (free!) clutch from So Sew Easy. We went out of town for the weekend and I wanted something smaller than my regular purse but big enough for my phone, hotel keycard, ID, chapstick, etc.


I made it mine by adding a bow on the back, an interior zipper pocket, and a black chain strap.

Fold the bow fabric in half and trace the middle section only, with an extra 1/2″ on the sides. Sew along the bottom.

Cut a 4×2 piece of fabric for the center of the bow. Fold it in half and sew the 4″ side closed.

Turn it right side out and fold one end inside. Stick the other end inside of it, creating a loop and sew it closed.

IMG_20180117_103702Turn the bow right side out and slide the ring into the middle.

Line it up along the outer bag piece and pin in place.

IMG_20180117_105151Baste the bow in place along each side.


Now for the interior zipper pocket. 

1In addition to the lined interior piece, you will need a 4″ zipper, a 6×2 piece of fabric, a 6×2 piece of interfacing, and a 6×7 piece of fabric.

2Iron the interfacing to the fabric and use a pen to draw three 4″ lines across the back: one in the middle and one 1/4″ above and below that one. Draw vertical lines down the sides and then draw 45* lines from each corner to the middle line, creating triangles.

3With right sides together, position the 6×2 piece in the center of the middle section 1/2″ below the fold line. Pin it in place and sew along the rectangle.

4Cut along the middle line and then along the diagonals, careful not to cut into the sewn lines.

5Flip the smaller piece inside (wrong sides together) and then iron.

6Pin the zipper behind both layers of the opening.

7Use a zipper foot to sew it in place.

8Flip the lining over and pin the 6×7 piece to the top of the zipper placket. Fold the top out the way and sew as close to the zipper as possible. Make sure that thin strip from the main lining is included but that you don’t catch the folded edge. A zipper foot will help.

9Fold the 6×7 piece and pin it to the bottom of the zipper placket. Fold the lining out of the way and sew along the edge again.

10Fold each side of the lining out of the way and sew down the sides of the pocket bag. Trim the seam allowance and you’re done!


I didn’t get any pictures of it on our trip because we were having so much fun it completely slipped my mind.

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