Mommy and Me Shawl Collar Sweaters for the Holidays

One day my little Sweet Pea will cringe at the idea of wearing the same shirt as her Mommy but fortunately we aren’t there yet. For now I get to use up some scraps and create adorable outfits.


Several weeks ago I made a Sinclair Patterns Sofia Sweater that Sweet Pea loved because the fabric is so soft and pretty. I finally got around to making a similar sweater for her just in time for spending cozy afternoons with family this holiday season.

I didn’t have a girls shawl collar pattern so I had to improvise. The main body is my go-to pattern, the Made for Mermaids Mya Top*, and I mashed the neckline the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Hangout Hoodie* which has a similar placket.


It was difficult to photograph all the colors on the dark fabric so here it is on a piece of paper. The Mya is in red. Then Hangout Hoodie neckline is blue, but since it has a hood that the band continues up I had to add the green line connecting the shawl opening to the shoulder.

Follow the instructions until it’s time to do the neekband, measure the neck opening, and then multiply it by 0.8 (80%) to get the width of the band. Then cut a piece of fabric 4″ tall by the width (along the stretch). My opening was ~23″, so my neckband was 4″x18.5″.


Make small 3/8″ diagonal cuts at each corner of the placket opening. Fold the neckband in half width-wise and clip it to the right side of the shirt. Leave at least a 1/4″ hanging below the clipped opening. Making sure to start as close to a clipped corner as possible, sew along the just neck from the wrong side of the main body. Leave the bottom open.

Fold the top of the shirt back at the placket opening. Place one side of the neckband behind the other and sew along the bottom, from clipped corner to clipped corner.


Voila! Happy sewing! 🙂


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