How Do You Get Pants to Fit Right????

FInding perfect fitting RTW pants at the store can be next to impossible. Sewing your own pants seems even more intimidating. All of our bodies are so different and there are so many potential alterations to make.

Where the heck do you start????
1) Read about fitting.
2) Make a muslin (or two or three).
3) Make adjustments as needed.
4) Make a “real” pair (or two).
5) Look fantastic!

Seriously make a muslin of your pants. I know it’s extra time and fabric, but it’s totally worth it for pants that fit YOU.

I know that’s definitely A LOT easier said (or typed) than done, but the new Diane joggers* from 5 Out of 4 Patterns includes 9 pages of fitting alterations and links to blog posts (like this one) and videos that explain everything you’ll need to know about how to make the perfect pants for you. Every woman in the tester group wound up with pants that make her feel incredible thanks to all the hard work Rachelle put in.

The pattern has three rise options, including maternity, six waistband options, three different lengths, and four leg finishes.

I don’t have much going on back there so a simple decrease back rise adjustment made my muslin go from baggy to a little more snug. Now it actually looks like there’s a bit of a booty curve! haha


The front patch pockets are pretty great and are big enough for a phone. I did have to move mine down almost 2″ with the low rise. Otherwise my hand wouldn’t even have been able to fit.

I used some French terry to make these low-rise foldover waistband capris with a drawstring. They’re sooooo comfortable and they make me feel awesome!


A turn tool enables you to quickly make your own drawstring out of matching fabric. I love my set sooooo much!

5oo4DianeJoggers XXS_frenchterry

All of the other 5 Out of 4 Patterns are 20% off for their awesome Sew Pinspired contest using the code ‘sewpinspired’. Be sure to check it out*!

~~this post contains affiliate links marked with an asterisk~~

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