I Guess I Like Dresses Now…

I haven’t been much of a dress person in the past and have always been infinitely more comfortable in a pair of jeans. I still am, especially when I’m doing “mom things”, but I’ve discovered that it’s nice to put on a dress for an evening out with my husband and pretend that I don’t spend my days with a toddler.

IMG_2621I really like the Charlie dress I made earlier this summer but I wish I had made a slight back adjustment. The new Kristen dress* is similar from the waist up so I made sure to adjust the back. I was able to pinch out about 3/4″ on my test muslin. Then I marked the center of the neckline, drew a line down to the top of the dart, and cut along it. My modified back piece was ready to go after I taped it back together with a 3/4″ overlap. I also altered the facing to match.


Sewing is supposed to be something I do during some of my “me time” to relax but every now and then it’s an absolute nightmare. Somehow this dress managed to break 3!!!! needles, draw blood, and make me seriously consider lighting my machine on fire and throwing it over a cliff.

But the results are stunning! I love the (optional) ruffles around the arms and down the center. There’s also an optional neck ruffle and belt but I just wanted to be DONE with the dress. One “downside” of the pattern is that the pleated half circle skirt is a massive fabric hog so it requires 3.5yds. Crepe tends to need to be lined so that’s another 3.5yds. I used this floral crepe for the dress, black crepe for the ruffles, and a basic black liner for the bodice. I also used black satin to make a second skirt 2″ shorter.

IMG_2642bThe Kristen is worth it though! Look at that twirl!

IMG_2624Buy your copy of the Kristen dress* today while it’s still on sale for $8.95!!

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