Happy First Day of School!

Today was our first day of three year old preschool and it went really well!

I did some work ahead of time (made tactile letters and numbers, bought a ton of school supplies to set up our “classroom” area, and got all the crafts ready) but I don’t necessarily feel like it was a lot of work.

For now our classroom is just the living room floor. We bought a little lap table* and stool* as a desk and we’re using a doll blanket as her quiet learning mat. It wipes clean easily and is also great for playdoh, coloring, etc.

We also bought several wipe clean workbooks (numbers 1-20*, uppercase alphabet*, and lowercase alphabet*) and some dry-erase crayons* because I’ve heard they’re less messy than dry erase markers. We’ll see.


Our day started off well. We sang a welcome to school/shake the silliness off song. Then Sweet Pea sat on her blanket and we sang a song about being quiet and sitting still for school. We also sang it on and off throughout the day when she started getting a little wiggly.

to the tune of Frere Jacques
My legs are crossed, my legs are crossed
Together my hands go, together my hands go
My mouth is quiet, my mouth quiet
I’m ready to learn and grow, I’m ready to learn and grow! 

After that it was time to dive into our weekly curriculum! First we did the ice cream colors of the week (thankfully I had a Cricut cartridge* that made it easy!) and and flash cards*.

Instead of buying a laminating machine (or paying to have it done), for now we’re just putting the week’s worksheets in a protective sleeve, securing them in the clipboard, and using the crayons. That way she can do the same worksheet multiple times without going through a ton of paper.



We sat back down after crafts and sang a goodbye school song to give ourselves a clearly defined end. I’m really looking forward to see how much she grows and achieves over this school year.

This homeschool thing is easy! 😉

Well, today was easy. We’ll see how the rest of the week/month/school year goes… I’m not delusional enough to think it will always be like this, especially once the novelty wears off.

And did you notice that Sweet Pea picked her super cute Rosie skirt as part of her First Day outfit?

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