Dress Up This Town: A Perfectly Cute Princess Costume

19577502_10210849879577726_8228798660457248297_oWelcome to my second Dress Up This Town post! I’ve already made one dress for myself for this month so I decided to take the theme in a different direction this time around and make a princess dress up costume for Sweet Pea.


Do you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how my daughter thinks that only twirly skirts are acceptable options? Well the same thing applies to dresses. She loves dresses with big, full skirts and amazing twirl potential.

IMG_2517The costume has three parts: a Cottage Mama Party Dress, a ribbon wand, and a crown barrette.


I only made a few slight alterations to the standard Party Dress pattern. It doesn’t have a sash or lower ban and I included an overlay for the skirt.

IMG_20170717_125921The ribbon wand is really easy to make. You will need: a 12″ wooden dowel, spray paint, several yards of ribbon, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

IMG_20170717_132832Give the wooden dowel a good coat or two (or three) of silver glitter spray paint. I like to wear disposable gloves when dealing with spray paint to keep my hands clean – and even then glitter was still everywhere!

While it dries cut several long strips and one short strip of ribbon and apply fray check to the ends. I was able to get seven 14″ strips with one 12″ piece left over.

Once the paint is dry use hot glue to secure all of the long strips to one end of the dowel.

Then wrap the shorter strip sideways around the top to hide the glued ends of ribbon. Keep it pulled tight and use glue every so often to keep it secure.


IMG_20170717_130319My personal favorite is the crown barrette. You will need: 1/2 yd of lace, fabric stiffener, a barrette or headband, spray paint, hot glue, scissors, a few inches of ribbon, a cylindrical object to wrap the lace around (I used that can of adhesive spray. Other options can include paper towel tubes, Puffs containers, etc), and scissors.

Wrap the lace around the cylinder and cut it so it has a 1″ overlap. Soak the lace in fabric stiffener for 10-15 minutes. While waiting for the lace to dry, wrap the bottom half of the cylinder with plastic wrap for easy removal and to keep it clean.

Then take the lace out of the bowl, wrap it around the cylinder to dry, and glue the overlapping ends (you might need to use a clip). Let it dry for an hour. Then spray the ribbon with fabric stiffener and glue it across the bottom of the crown. Put the crown back around the cylinder, give it a generous coating of fabric stiffener, and let it sit overnight.

IMG_20170718_125902Apply a few coats of silver glitter spray paint once the lace is completely stiff and dry. This might take a few coats to get your desired amount of coverage.

Once it’s dry take the crown and use hot glue to attach it to the barrette or headband.


Voila! A beautiful princess costume! (also guess who’s very into ladybugs right now and insisted that we NEEDED to get that red tag ladybug fabric…)

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One thought on “Dress Up This Town: A Perfectly Cute Princess Costume

  1. sewtonya says:

    OH my gosh! Look how cute! and your little diva is so stinking cute as well. I love how creative you got with the crown and wand!


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