Two Year Old Preschool Overview

Here’s a quick overview of what we did last year.

We followed the free 2 year old curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me. It worked well for us. Sweet Pea was already an expert at most of the motor skills by the time we got to them but it was really great to know that she was on track AND see some inspiration for crafts and activities. It really isn’t anything out of the ordinary but I feel like it kept me focused and more involved in creating fun for my daughter.

IMG_20170710_142356I created a little homeschool station in our kitchen to remind my husband and I what to focus on each week.

IMG_20170710_142148I bought a dry erase calendar and markers at Target to remind us what week we were on and, more importantly, when we were on break.

IMG_20170710_142405I created a weekly goals template (you can create your own or you can print my pdf here) and put it in an 8×10 frame. I would update it each Sunday afternoon with the current week’s goals and activities.

Summer break has been fun but I do feel the lack of “school” in our routine and am really looking forward to starting back up again. This year we’ll be continuing with the ABC Jesus Loves Me 3 year old curriculum.


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