Laela Jeyne Summer Collection: Introducing the Rosie Skirt

My three year old daughter is a lot like any other three year old. She’s *very* picky and opinionated about what she wears. I occasionally offer guidance and override her choices based on weather or activity but I generally just allow her free reign over her outfits. So what if stripes don’t really go with polka dots. She’s three.


For the most part she enjoys basic shorts and t-shirts she can play in but she also loves a big full skirt. These days she won’t wear a skirt or dress unless it passes the twirl test.


That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to test Laela Jeyne Patterns’ new Rosie skirt*. It has a quarter, half, or full circle skirt option for both knit and woven fabrics.


Knit skirts are quick and easy to make. What I really love about this pattern is that the full skirt is made up of four separate pieces so it’s easy to keep directional fabric, like these clouds, upright.


Woven skirts are also really nice because they allow room for some fancy touches like this decorative stitching. The inclusion of the zipper doesn’t add too much additional time either. It’s still a fairly quick sew.


I’ve had the pink in my stash for awhile but my little sweet pea saw the polka dot overlay in the Red Tag clearance section at JoAnn’s and fell in love.


And does it really count as a extra twirly skirt if you don’t add some fun trim? I don’t think so.

Get the Rosie Skirt* now while it’s on sale for $5! And you can check out the rest of the Summer Collection here*, including the women’s Rose Skirt*. Happy sewing!

~~this post contains affiliate links marked with an asterisk~~

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