Sewing Your Own Picnic Blanket!

Spring is in the air! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming, which means it’s time to have a picnic! But no picnic is complete without a blanket to sit on.

Finished dimensions: 42″ x 64″


You will need:
-2 yards of a bottomweight fabric, like twill or canvas
-2 yards of PUL (polyurethane laminate)
-6 yards of bias tape
-a fat quarter for the ties
-basic sewing supplies: washable marker, scissors, clips/pins, etc.

IMG_20160922_140648Go somewhere you can easily lay out your two yards of fabric. For me that was my kitchen.

Start with the twill and fold it up a little over 32″ (for a full length of 64″). Then fold it half the other way.

Draw an actual line 32″ from the fold and cut. Also trim the selvedge.

IMG_20160922_141623Get a small plate or bowl or anything else round to trace for the corners. Make sure you’re at the outside corner without any folds.

IMG_20160922_142352Lay the PUL down and repeat the folding process. PUL is typically 60″ wide whereas the twill I used was only 44″, so it’s a lot wider.

Trace and cut the PUL so it matches the twill. Keep them folded like that for now.

IMG_20160928_205944Take the fat quarter and cut two 4″ x 26″ rectangles for the straps. Fold them in half lengthwise with the right sides facing and sew down the long end and one short end. Turn them out, press, and topstitch along both sides and the closed short end.

While it’s still folded, clip one strap onto the PUL 5″ away from the fold and the other 5″ away from the outer edges. Make sure you only have it clipped to the top layer, unfold, and baste the straps to the PUL.

IMG_20160928_214943Lay the PUL on top of the twill with the wrong sides together. Begin clipping the bias tape to the edge of the fabric.

Unless you used a massive square to make continuous bias tape, you will need to attach two pieces. Unfold them and place them perpendicular with the right sides together. Draw a diagonal line across the overlapping square, stitch, and then cut the triangle off. Refold and give it a good press.

IMG_20160929_130738Continue clipping most of the way around but leave the last several inches unclipped. We’ll get to that later.

IMG_20160929_131216Start sewing an inch or so behind where the bias tape begins and sew most of the way around the blanket.


IMG_20160929_140143When you get towards the end, trim the bias tape so there’s enough overlap after turning it in. Then finish sewing.

IMG_20160929_141143Sew a rectangle at the base of each strap for added stability.

IMG_20160929_142237Refold the blanket like you did to cut the fabric and then roll it up. Make sure you fold it so the straps are on top. Wrap them around the blanket and use pins to mark where the top of the velcro should go. The pins should only be on one layer of the straps.

IMG_20160929_142836Cut two 3″ strips of velcro. Unhook them and line one set up where you want it to be. Make sure that they’re on opposite sides of the strap. If your blanket is still wrapped up, twist the top layer and pin.

Sew the velcro in place and then repeat for the other strap.


Now you’re done! The blanket also pairs nicely with the Pebble Wash Bag lunchbox.





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