The Pebble Wash Bag

quick turn
The Pebble Wash Bag from Little Black Duck is a cute little bag for storing toiletries, either at home or when you’re traveling. The intermediate bag is a fairly quick sew but making your own bias tape and piping can sometimes take awhile. You just need to use a TON of clips or pins around all of those curves. It’s the same bag I made all that piping for the other day.


This pattern has been very popular and both my mom and sister have asked for one. It can easily fit my makeup or my husband’s shaving equipment: a safety razor, extra blades, preshave cream, badger hair brush, small bowl, shaving creme, and post-shave balm.

You can do any or all of these alterations to really make the bag your own. I chose to do all of these to make a great small snack/lunch bag! It’s a little on the small side compared to some other lunchboxes but it’s perfect for  a toddler. There’s plenty of room for these cups,this Thermos, and a small ice pack, as well as other little containers.


Alteration 1: Insulate the Bag

This part is super easy. All you need to do is use insul-brite (or other insulating material) instead of regular fusible fleece and use PUL or laminated cotton for the interior so it’s easy to wipe clean. I also chose to use sturdy duck canvas for the outside but that isn’t necessary.

When layering the pattern pieces, make sure the shinier, more reflective side is facing towards the lining.


Remember: Any holes you poke in your waterproof fabric will be there forever. Make sure you use a ballpoint needle (such as a 70/11) instead of a sharp needle designed for cotton and limit or completely avoid using pins. Also remember to use a walking foot on your machine and 100% polyester thread (I pretty much exclusively use Gutermann anyway) for best results.

Alteration 2: Add Handles

Cut everything as directed. Also cut 2 handles from the outer accent fabric as well as some lightweight interfacing. To make it easy for myself, I went with a 12″ long section of the zipper placket.


Iron the interfacing to the fabric, fold it in half lengthwise, and sew down the long side. Turn it right side out (this quick turn* is awesome!) and press with the seam along one edge. Topstitch both sides.


Repeat for the other handle.

Begin to assemble the pattern as instructed, stopping once the zipper placket is completed.


Line up where you want the handles, pin in place, and then sew.


Alteration 3: Add a Long Side Interior Pocket

Trace your main body piece about an 1″ more than half the height (for hemming) and several inches wider. The pattern piece is 12″ so I chose to make my pocket 16″ wide.


Cut the pocket piece from your PUL or laminated cotton (side note: you might want to double up on the laminated cotton so both sides would be laminated).


Create an elastic casing at the top of the pocket by folding the top of the pocket under 1/4″ and then again 3/4″. Sew close to 3/4″ from the top. Cut an 11.5″ piece of 1/2″ wide elastic, thread it through the casing, and stitch both ends of the elastic in place.


Line up the centers of the pocket and body pieces and clip in place. Then clip the sides together. Create a pleat on either side of the center clip. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Baste the pocket in place and then continue making the bag.



There you go. An adorable little lunchbox for an adorable little girl! The Rosey dress is getting a little short but still works as a tunic top. 🙂

Where to buy: Etsy, Craftsy, or her own personal shop.

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