Making Your Own Piping

Piping gets used a lot as a decorative trim for all sorts of things, like pillows and bags. Sure you can buy it at the store, but there are very limited color options. Store bought bias tape opens up more color and a few print options but is still limited. The cutest option is to make your own bias tape and then add piping cord. It’s a great way to tie everything together and really give your project a professional cohesive appearance.


You will need: 1 fat quarter (or 1/4yd), cording, an iron, and a zipper foot attachment. Bias tape makers are extremely helpful but it’s not necessary. I used to make bias tape without one.

Here is a super easy tutorial for making several  yards of bias tape from a 14″x 14″ piece of fabric and two quick seams.

IMG_20170306_184142This picture showed up on my phone. Thank you toddler! haha

Once your bias tape is done, you need to figure out how much you need and add a few inches for overlap. Cut your bias tape and cording.20170301_153157-COLLAGE

Place the cording inside the center fold, starting about an inch or so down. Clip from the open sides to keep the cording in place.

IMG_20170301_153752Make sure your zipper foot is on your sewing machine and stitch in place, close to the cord.

Now your piping is done and ready to be used to make something amazing!

The bag on the left, which uses store bought bias tape, is still cute but look at how the piping matches the tag (and handles, which aren’t in this picture) in the bag on the right. It’s one of those differences that really makes people say “Oh, that’s really cute! Where did you get it?”

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