Super Easy Pot Handle Sleeves


We have several cast iron skillets and those handles get HOT! so I made some little sleeves to slide over them. They’re so cute and easy! They’re also a good use for some of that left over scrap fabric you’ve been hoarding “just in case…”. 


You will need a little bit of fabric, a little bit of double fold bias tape, insulated batting (buy 1/4yd if you don’t have any laying around), and measuring tape.

Pick the handles you want covered. We have several cast iron skillets so I wanted at least two. Measure around the widest point and down the length. The big skillet is 3.5″ around by 4″ long. The little skillet is 3″ around by 3.25″ long.

img_20161121_140208bAdd a 1″ seam allowance to each of those measurements and cut. You will need 1 lining, 1 insulated batting, and 1 outer.

Lay the insulated piece shiny side up (that is what reflects the heat (or cold) back to the source) and place the lining fabric face up on top of it. Then place the outer fabric on top with the wrong side up.

Then stitch along one short end. This will become the opening on top. Flip the outer layer over so it is now facing outwards on the other side of the insulated batting. Top stitch all the way around the rectangles.


Fold each piece in half long ways and sew the sleeves along the side and bottom. The open end should look like this.

Add the length and width of the sleeve plus 1″. Cut some bias tape that length. This one needed 8″ (4.5 + 2.5″ + 1).


Pin the bias tape in place. Tuck each end under and make sure the corner is neat.

Sew in place, back stitching along the edges. I sewed the green line from side to side, securing the corner fold. Then I back stitched along the red line, sewed down the orange line, back stitched with the blue line, and went all the way down the purple line being careful at the corner. To finish it I back stitched the black line and then went back over the beginning with the pink line.



My super special omelette helper likes them too!


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