Saint Cecilia Costume

Happy All Saint’s Day! We were invited to a party and naturally I needed to make a costume for my little sweet pea. 🙂


Saint Cecilia lived in the second century and is the patron saint of music/musicians, so she seems like the perfect inspiration for a little girl who loves music and dancing.

To make this costume you will need a harp, floral crown, and a dress.


For the harp you will need some cardboard, spray paint, and yarn.


I made the mistake of thinking I had more spray paint left than I actually did. That wound up being a good thing because I realized a better order to do things in. Since I had to go to the store I went ahead and bought gold instead of just using some yellow these I already had.

First draw out a basic harp outline and cut it out.

img_20161031_143211Trace it onto the cardboard with two mirror images and cut them out. A box cutter would work best but scissors could work too.


Spray paint the fronts and backs of both pieces. This way the raw edges of the cardboard will be painted too (that was my “mistake” with my initial method). Then cut several lengths of yarn making sure they’re long enough to cover the middle of the harp.

Glue one set of yarn ends to one side of the harp. Then pull each string taut and glue the other set of ends.

Glue the other side of the harp, press them together,  and let it dry. Voila! A beautiful golden harp.



For the floral crown you will need measuring tape, wire, floral tape, flowers, and some ribbon.

Take the head measurement for whomever will be wearing crown. I try to keep this sheet from Made for Mermaids up to date and it has a spot for a headband measurement.


Cut the wire twice as long as that measurement. Double up the circle and tape the ends together.

Continue to wrap the rest of the crown with floral tape.

Cut the flowers off the giant stem. Use floral tape to wrap it down each flower stem. Make sure the tape is long enough fully cover each stem! The flowers will fall off if they’re not secured.


Weave some ribbon through the flowers and tie it in the back and then you’re done. You can also use fray check on the ends of the ribbon. (I actually did this step after making the dress and used the last of the ribbon.) What a pretty crown!



For the dress I used a modified version of the Me Hearties Dress from Patterns for Pirates, ribbon for the sleeves and skirt, hem tape, and fold over elastic.


Put it all together and you have the perfect Saint Cecilia costume.

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