I’ve Been Busy…

Medical Pattern Paper: 21″ x 225′ Single Roll of Patternmaking, Drafting, and Tracing Paper by Cardinal Health
I haven’t blogged in awhile because I’ve been busy with my least favorite part of sewing: prepping the patterns and cutting fabric. Ugh!! I love shopping for fabric! I love creating finished products in my head! I love sewing (when my machines don’t hate me, lol)! I really, really do NOT love the prep work though. It’s also been slow going because I’ve been doing all of that while watching House of Cards (spoiler alert: Frank and Claire are devious!).

This is a good opportunity to take a break from all of that and talk about how I use and store all of the pattern pieces.


I store my printed PDF pages in large binders. I used to just have one binder but now I have one for myself and one for my daughter and I’m considering getting a third to split hers in half (maybe that’s a sign I have more than enough patterns… Just kidding! That’s not even possible). When the pattern designer has layers in the PDF I print out the sizes I want (mine and my sister’s sizes in women’s patterns, my daughter’s current size plus the next two in girl’s patterns). Then I use medical paper* to trace the size and options I want. The printer paper is stored in one sleeve and the individual tracings are stored in their own.

When pants, sleeves, and tops have multiple straight lengths, I just trace one pattern piece and mark where it should end.

left: in the middle of tracing the pattern onto the medical paper
right: marking the desired length on the fabric

Okay, that’s enough procrastinating for now. The sooner I have everything cut, the sooner I can get to sewing!

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