Adding Invisible Snaps to a Button Placket

Buttons are great but sometimes you want the function of a button or snap without seeing it, and that’s where an invisible snap placket comes to the rescue!


Gather your supplies:
-the bodice with a partially finished button placket, in this case I used the Sasha and stopped in the middle of Step 4. I folded and ironed but did not sew.
-needle and thread
-sew on snaps




img_20160923_0728501- Use pins to mark where the buttons should go.

img_20160923_0731512- Turn the bodice over and open up the placket and use another set of pins from the other side. If you were to fold it back in the place, the head of the pin would be sandwiched in the middle.You wouldn’t see it from the outside and the pointy part would be towards the inside.

33- Take the flat bottom side of the snap and slide it down the pin.

img_20160923_0734504- Take a wrist to elbow length of thread and thread both ends through the needle to create a loop.

5- Bring the needle from the interior of the placket towards the snap, over a metal spoke, and then towards the interior again. Thread it through the loop and pull tight. The snap should be on the same side and the back of the main bodice.

6- Continue sewing the snap in place, using the spokes. When you’re done secure the thread on the wrong (interior) side of the placket.

IMG_20160923_080414.jpg7- Repeat Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 for the other two flat sides of the snaps.

img_20160923_0806188- Place pins back in the flat snaps like they were in Step 2. This time also stick them through the back flap of the button placket.

9- Add another set of pins (the red heads) from the back of the placket towards the middle and then separate the pieces.

img_20160923_08140710- Slide the rounded bottom of the snap in place, making sure the rounded bottom is on the fabric. You want to make sure the snaps will actually snap. The snap should be one the same side as the right side of the main bodice.

img_20160923_08141911- Repeat Steps 4, 5, and 6. Use a wrist to elbow length of doubled up thread to secure the snap.

img_20160923_08363812- Repeat Step 11 for the other two rounded bottom sides of the snaps.

img_20160923_20531413- Sew the placket in place. This is where you finish Step 4 for the Sasha. I found it most helpful to use the zipper foot that came with my machine.

DONE! Enjoy your invisible button placket. 🙂


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