These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

There are several things that I absolutely LOVE and cannot live without as a sewist. And yes, spellcheck doesn’t recognize that as a word but I cannot call myself the homograph for that thing icky sewage goes into and seamstress seems too “professional” for what I do. Sewist it is then. (even if that’s not a real word…)

vc133820lMeasuring is a big part of sewing and an adjustable sewing gauge is quite useful.

lb-measuring-gaugeBut sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the slider and a measuring gauge really comes in handy!

seam-ripper-with-ergonomic-handleEveryone makes mistakes and needs to take out seams (some patterns even called for seams to be partially taken out). I started off using a cheap basic seam ripper but I recently upgraded to this one and I love it!! It is so much nicer and easier to use. I only have the large and I’m considering buying the smaller version as well.

sk12_20130916024110_1Pins are great. They have their place. Sometimes you just don’t want to poke holes in your fabric though, and that’s where Wonder Clips come in. Wonder Clips are absolutely wonderful!

020711_1A safety pin is fine when you need to thread elastic or string through a casing but a bodkin is even better.


What do you think? Are there any other ‘must haves’ that I didn’t mention?


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