Katerina Kittycat Costume

My daughter, like many, many, many other toddlers, is completely obsessed with Daniel Tiger. It’s her all-time favorite show. Nothing else (in her opinion) even comes close to how amazing it is. And as much as she loves the show in general, it doesn’t come close to her love for Meow Meow (Katerina). Naturally that meant I had to make a Katerina costume for Halloween last year. I settled on the (FREE!) Party Dress pattern from The Cottage Mama after looking at several dress patterns. The only alteration I made was to add flutter sleeves. It was a huge hit!

I crocheted the hat and made the tail from a giant chenille stem attached to an elastic waistband. The leggings are Bonny Leggings from Made for Mermaids. There was also a shirt I made from the (FREE!) Duck Butt Raglan but it was too hot for it.

bonus: I’m wearing an Everyday Elegance Top from Patterns for Pirates

trolleyAnd it still fit for Sweet Pea’s Katerina Kittycat themed 2nd birthday party!

UPDATE: She loves it so much I had to make it in the next size up.

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