Super Princess Peach Costume Set

My little sweet pea was invited to a Superhero/Princess birthday party so of course she needed a new outfit! I used several tutorials to create the look I was going for.

super-princess-peach-costume-set2Look how cute all of that is!!

The crown is aΒ glittery gold sheet cut hot glued to a headband. It has a few priceless jewels added to give it some extra pizzazz!

I kind of used this tutorial for the mask but I wanted it to match the rest of the satin outfit. I cut two layers of felt like the tutorial says and also cut out a much larger satin piece. I stitched the satin to one piece of felt before continuing. I also added some “gold coins” to the corners of the mask.

I used this tutorial for the cape. The only addition is that I attached a Princess Peach gemstone to one side before assembling. It’s made out of glittery gold and blue sheets.

I mostly followed this tutorial for the wristcuffs. The only difference is that I used star shaped buttons.

The blouse is the bodice of the New Horizons Designs Evening Primrose DressΒ (I tested the dress and my daughter loved it!), with a few extra inches at the bottom to make it more of a shirt. I also added puff sleeves using this method.

The skirt is a tulle circle skirt with an exposed wide gold elastic hem. I added another Princess Peach gem using the glittery sheets. She already had matching light pink shorts to wear underneath.

Finally I made a third gem with the glittery sheets and hot glued some ribbon to make it a necklace.

img_20160812_171907All that hard work and this is the only halfway decent picture because she decided she hates birthday parties. Oh well!


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